I loved working with Donna, her passion and determination to make a difference to fine tune and clear the blockages of what is holding me back, her awareness, understanding, techniques, and knowledge was awesome.

I have had big shifts in my life clearing my anxieties and overwhelm whilst working with Donna and that has a lot to do with Donnas support and transformational work she did with me. Working with Donna I find myself stronger within myself and clearer for my life ahead.

I would highly recommend working with Donna because of the understanding that she has and what she has learned and the way in which she works. I have for approximately 15 years been learning about self-growth transformation and empowerment and Donna’s work is one of the best I’ve seen.

Working in the eight wow group was so beneficial for me for the commitment and the group power and support, it gave me strong motivation and help to get the most out of Donna’s work.

Six months working with Donna would be amazing, to have that love support and nurturing and transformational information she has with the qualities in her work and the authenticity in her wanting to see change and transformation I know life would get better and better, to have that support would be priceless

Thanks Donna for doing such great work and helping me, I really appreciate it and I am so grateful to have you in my life.

Nat Nairn, Perth

Natalie Nairn

I was as introduced to Donna by a friend of mine. She told me Donna had a 5 day challenge happening which she thought would help me in my new business. I had no idea really what I was signing up for .. but thank goodness I did!! I went on to do the 8 wow and now I’m onto my 2nd round.

Donna is totally dedicated to her work, sheloves what she does. I loved her enthusiasm and no bullshit approach to how she is able to shift beliefs and really get to the core of what may be preventing you from living a more purposeful life.I think the most pivotal piece of advice I can share is to be brutally honest with yourself and put your trust in Donna’s ability to help.

I have experienced some major shifts and am so grateful for having met Donna. I certainly feel that I am far better equipped to deal with situations in a  more positive light.  I feel so much better about myself – firstly for taking on the challenge but also opening up and learning how to accept no matter what happened in the past that I’m ok!! And therefore giving a better side of myself to my husband, children/family and friends.

It goes without saying that I would recommend Donna to any person looking for more clarity for those who want to be relieved of emotional baggage which is holding you back. It’s been a great journey which I will no doubt continue – having a program such as the 8wow set up where you can connect with like-minded people and build relationships to help you through is priceless… thank you Donna Preedy:)

Emma Wells, Perth

Donna has the ability to make you feel comfortable and therefore able to open up about feelings, emotions and experiences. Donna is a down to earth, genuine person and explains things in such a way that its easy to understand and therefore apply this in a practical way. I found it was easy to implement the processes, and i’m now setting tasks and completing them, which has been key in getting results for me.

Since working with Donna my business revenue has increased, as well as my blood pressure going back to normal and i’ve been able to stop taking medication. However the main benefit has been the increase in self worth, getting clear on what I want and my vision for the future, then knowing how to ask for this with confidence. As a result my communication on all levels has improved immensely and my relationship with my husband has dramatically improved. The one on one session have been amazing as well as the support of being in a group. I would definitely recommend working with Donna, especially to unlock the endless possibilities.

Natascha Harrington, Perth