Three Questions You Need To Ask Yourself When You’re Stressed!

Posted by on June 12, 2015

3questionsWhat if living stress free was as simple as asking yourself the right questions each day. Sounds too simple? Well it is! Stress is simply the perception that something in our life is offering up way more challenge than we would like.

Asking yourself questions to see how life is actually supporting, may be that start of getting on top of things.

Question 1: “What do I really want to happen?”

Often when we’re stressed out we find ourself in trouble shooting survival mode. If you find yourself here, sometimes its easy to get distracted from what you really want. Fighting the fight takes over from achieving the desired outcome. If you find yourself here, pause to ask yourself. “What do I really want? And why do I want it?”

Knowing what your want and why will make it easier to make clear decisions when you’re under the pump

Question 2: “Where is my support?”

In the midst of a crisis it’s easy to see challenges coming toward you thick and fast. However while you’re focusing on that, you could be missing the hidden signs of support. At the moment you’re feeling challenged, simply asking the question “Where’s my support” until you find the answer can help in dissolving the stress.

Question 3: “How is this “stress” actually serving me?”

This one can be a bit confronting, yet the most rewarding once the answers start to flow. Keep in mind that we all do the most growth during times of adversity.  What path did you take as a result of the challenges? Who did you connect with? What relationships were formed or severed that has been beneficial to you?

Stress can be the instigator for change. Stress can help us grow. Stress can help us get clear on our boundaries (by pushing them).  The secret is not to try and eliminate challenge (which is impossible anyway) But to take distress and turn it into good stress (Eustress).

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