My Discovery of Pain Management

Posted by on January 8, 2014

My Storypain management

A few years ago I was in a car accident, though it wasn’t so bad in comparison to what some people experience. A car pulled out in front of me and as I hit the brakes the whole impact of the accident was felt in my hip joints and through my right hand side. I was shaken up and felt sore for days after.

I visited my Doctor, Chiropractor and Physiotherapist in an effort to cover all bases and aid a quick recovery. My intention was to quickly get back to  the life I had been enjoying, however this didn’t happen. My moment of sadness came when my physio told me after a year of therapy that ‘this is just how it was going to be for me from now on, and pain management was the best I could do. I would never be without discomfort of some sort.

This did not sit well with me. I was angry and upset that I had to sacrifice doing activities I loved like jogging and weights because of another car pulling out in front of me. I felt that this was so unfair. I didn’t like my life where sleep was often interrupted due to the pain in my hips, and often just lying on the couch hurt.

It didn’t take long due to my reduced physical activity I started to put on weight, and that made me feel even worse. Here I was hurting, and feeling depressed because I’d started to put on weight and I was being told that there was not a solution in sight.

This just absolutely did not cut it for me. The image I wanted for my future life, was one where I was active, slept well and generally lived a full life.

My intuition knew that there had to be something out there that would help, all I had to do was find it.

Being a Demartini facilitator I knew that John Demartini’s 45 page manuscript was the body of work  for Louise Hays’ book ‘You Can Heal Your Life’. It was now time to investigate the mind / body connection. This was a journey that took me to the US and found me learning how to refine what I was already practicing to specifically target physical pain. I was fortunate enough to hone my skills while working with a successful facilitator running a practice in Hawaii. His results we astounding and after 2 sessions I can say that my level of pain from the accident has dissolved to almost nothing. Maintaining my regular schedule to my chiropractor I believe has helped keep the pain away.

Upon returning home I found that I was attracting clients that also had severe pain that I was able to work with and found that the results I had both witnessed and experienced in the US were the typical results.

This is why I am inspired to do this work, because I know the frustration and impact that pain can have on your life and I believe strongly in the mind / body connection and that our physical symptoms can be reduced or alleviated by changing our perceptions.


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