Clear The Stress of IVF

ivf-stressThis online program is a combination of Donna’s personal and professional experience.

As Donna used her own journey to go even further in researching and applying the principles of how our mind and perceptions affect our body. Some studies suggest stress increases your chances of IVF success.

This program covers both sides. For some the reality may be that IVF chances of success are starting to look slim. Strategies are given to not just survive, but to thrive in the face of that which doesn’t go the way you planned.

This program is designed to help you to clear the stress, anxiety and sadness that may come with that realisation. Then this program covers both sides of the coin, to liberate you and prepare you for life during and after IVF, regardless of the outcome.

This will open you up to a different perspective to help you to self regulate your emotions during the rollercoaster that often is IVF.

With over 25 videos along with PDF downloads, this program will guide you as you begin to dig deep and find the hidden blessings within the process of IVF. The entire course could be finished in as little as 2 hours, along with access to exclusive Facebook support groups where you can have any individual questions answered.

Modules covered include:

● How to prepare before you get started
● You and your partner
● Overcoming stress
● Balancing life with IVF
● Mental preparation
● Life after IVF

Price: $97
(Lifetime access and access to all future revisions.)

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