Reflecting on an experience of ADHD

Posted by on November 8, 2013

adhdI have recently expanded my business to include running my corporate workshops and facilitating for education. So recently I had been curious to find out more about peoples reflection of their learning experiences now that they are adults.

I have a business client who I knew had been diagnosed as attention deficit disorder as a child. After a recent session I said to her ‘do you mind if I ask you an abstract question?’, ‘not at all she replied’

‘Well, you mentioned some time back that you were diagnosed with ADHD as a child?’

‘Yes.’ she said.

‘Well my question to you is, if you had attention deficit disorder with learning, where did you have attention surplus disorder?’

‘Great question!’ she replied, ‘No-one has ever asked me that before.  Now let me see, I’m really not sure. I used to daydream a lot as a kid, does that count?’

‘Sure, what did you daydream about?’

‘Well all sorts of things, now I think of it, my imagination was expanding as a child, very much alive. I could sit for hours and hours and play barbies, or play with my imaginary friends. I had whole families of imaginary friends. I would go and ask the parents if they was allowed to play. Sometimes i’d go to there place for dinner. Don’t get me wrong, I had plenty of real friends. Its just that my imaginations was extremely active.’

‘So what was your least favourite subject?

‘Maths, I found it very confusing.’ she said.

‘So just speculating here, if someone had incorporated your imagination into maths, how do you think your learning experience would have differed?’

‘Well, it would have made a massive difference. At times I would physically be sick at my desk when it was time for maths, it could get quite distressing for me.”

“Hang on, I had totally forgotten, but there was one student teacher we had for a day back in primary school. He used imagination, and I remember he really spent the time with me to make maths creative, and used imagination and stories to learn. I remember that day clearly now. I remember he caught up with me at recess as I played in the playground. He got me to do another few examples as I played.  I was happy to do it, I finally got it. Oh my God, I will never forget that student teacher. He was the best teacher I’d ever had. I can’t believe I had almost forgotten. What a shame he was only there for a day. Thank you for reminding me.” she replied.

“School was only set up to teach a certain way, and I found it very difficult. It wasn’t that I was dumb, I just found it so hard to learn the way they taught.’

“Thank you” I replied, ‘Thank you for sharing this with me’


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