Your Personal 1:1 Coaching


My name is Donna Preedy and I’m here to help you create a life that you love. I help people like you to clear out the past stresses, overwhelms and rewrite their old story that’s not serving them. Because I know that this is the quickest path to get your mindset in alignment with your values so that you can accelerate towards a life you never dreamed possible.

Together we will

  • Get to the core of where your self-sabotage lies
  • Re-write the old beliefs that are getting in the way
  • Dissolve future fears and past guilts that are keeping you stuck
  • Get to the core of any relationship challenges at home and in business
  • Uncover what’s really holding you back
  • Create a strategy that fits into who you are (so that you’ll be inspired to take action)
  • Set up clear intentions and daily rituals to get you immersed in the manifesting energy
  • Watch your life take off at quantum speed


Gone from scraping to make mortgage repayments to hitting 4k weeks in their business

Cleared 15 years of suffering with anxiety and unable to work, to starting a thriving business

Cleared the stress that was contributing to health conditions and avoided surgery

Transformed a marriage that was on the verge of breakup to become the connection of a soul mate

Stepped up to promotions and thrived where they previously felt it was beyond them

Completely changed their beliefs around money to knowing they can get paid to do what they love

Came to start of peace around the passing of a child and went onto start an orphanage in Tibet

Understood their values and the real driving force to start living authentically.

Your 1:1 Package

12 x 60 minutes private consultations

12 x 30 minute accountability sessions with me to keep you on track

Unlimited support via email and messenger

Daily rituals and meditations


Access to the 8 Weeks of Wisdom ($797 VALUE)

3 Hour intensive to uncover your Intrinsic Values ($1080 VALUE)

PAY IN FULL $9 000